As you’re aware a recommended part of the voice solution that Glemnet offer is an internet connection that guarantees Quality of Service (QoS). This is an essential component of the solution.

We strongly recommend you take Glemnet’s connectivity and router for your voice solution.

We may need to access the local network router to make configuration changes to enable certain features. We will advise you in advance of the changes that are required. We advise that you consult with your IT company and where possible your IT company make the necessary changes. We cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by any 3rd party IT support company nor are we liable for any impact that changes may make on your network requirements.

Where we are requested to make changes ourselves because there is no 3rd party IT support or for other reasons we are only responsible for the services that we are providing.

Please acknowledge that if you choose not to subscribe to the recommended internet connection that Glemnet cannot be held responsible for any degradation in voice quality, which may result in echo, delay or call failure.