1. Scope

This procedure covers all situations where, as per the GDPR, the data subject wishes to withdraw his or her consent for personal data processing.

Withdrawal of consent is defined as any indication on the part of the data subject that he or she withdraws consent for the processing of their personal data. Withdrawal of consent must be specific and without ambiguity and shall be provided by the data subject either by way of a statement or through clear, affirmative action on his or her part.  

Withdrawal of consent by the data subject covers all processing activities carried out for a specific purpose or purposes, for which that data subject provided consent in the first place.

Withdrawal of consent shall not make unlawful any processing of personal data engaged in by Glemnet Ltd prior to the withdrawal of consent.


2. Responsibilities

As a data controller, Glemnet Ltd is responsible for administering the withdrawal of consent on the part of the data subject.


3. Withdrawal of consent procedure

Withdrawal of consent is indicated via Right to Withdraw Consent Procedure and Glemnet must be able to demonstrate that the data subject has withdrawn consent, by producing the completed form.

If Glemnet was processing the data for multiple purposes, Glemnet must be able to show that consent has been withdrawn for all purposes.


4. Document owner

The data controller is the owner of this policy document and must ensure that it is periodically reviewed according to the review requirements contained herein.

This policy document was approved by Glemnet Ltd’s Board of Director's and is issued by the Managing Director on a version-controlled basis.

Name of Managing Director: Neil Linter

Date: 5th March 2019 reviewed 4th March 2021

Version 1